Flood Groups are opportunities to gather and live out our mission of loving God, one another, and our neighbor as smaller communities throughout the week. Groups can range in size and demographic, and meet throughout the week online and/or in-person depending on the group. 

Find a group below and email the leader directly for more information, or reach out to Pastor Scott with any questions - 

College Area Group

When: Sunday


This group desires to be an intergenerational community at Flood that meets once a month on Sundays at 4pm in/around the SDSU college area (11/14, 12/12) Though much of the group consists of several families with children; whether married or single, young or old, all are welcome as we seek to become an extended family on mission together.  Format: Each gathering consists of a meaningful activity to help us engage in loving God (UP), loving one another (IN) and/or loving our neighbor (OUT). Additional activities may be planned beyond group time to help us grow as well. The group is led by Adam & Corrie Klekowski and Kate & Michael Jackson. Contact for info on the next gathering.

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