What is Spiritual Formation?

Follow the Leader: Becoming Like Jesus for the Sake of Others

Matt HammettSeptember 10, 2023 Sermon Details  

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A lot of people feel stuck in their spiritual journey. We see a gap between the life we read about in Scripture and our everyday lives. We wonder if the life we are actually living is the abundant life Jesus promised. Many of us feel hurried, exhausted, discouraged and on edge. We believe we should be a lot further along in our faith journey than we are. So how do we step into the good and beautiful life Jesus offers us? How do we learn to be more Christlike? A key is to re-discover our faith as a Jesus-shaped way of life. Learning to practice the way of Jesus is a life-long process of growing in freedom, wholeness and becoming a person naturally characterized by love, joy, peace, patience and kindness. It is a journey worth taking and is available to each of us!

This week, we kick off our fall message series exploring six essential questions of a life of faith. We begin by answering the critical question, "What is Spiritual Formation?" We will examine the beginning of Jesus' ministry recorded in Mark 1:14-20 and discuss the importance of the Three Ships.

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