A Change of Heart

Matt HammettJune 19, 2022 Sermon Details  

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How is your heart? Do you feel fully alive and are you living wholeheartedly? What is causing you to feel a heaviness of heart these days? I have recently been enjoying re-reading Dallas Willard's classic book on spiritual transformation "Renovation of the Heart." I read the book 20 years ago when it first came out and was significantly challenged and encouraged by it! My joke at the time was I understand about 15% of it! haha! Going through it again with more life experience and hopefully wisdom has been soul-stirring and clarifying! It has helped me think through the different dimensions of our humanity and our part in becoming more like Jesus. Dallas says, "The greatest need of humanity is the renovation of the heart because the heart is where real change must begin." So, what does the Bible mean when it refers to our hearts? And how do we experience heart renewal? 

This Sunday we will continue our message series in the book of Ezekiel by exploring the incredible promise God gives us"I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you" Ezekiel 36:26. How have you experienced this incredible truth in your life? What has the Lord been saying to you about the renovation of your heart? 

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