Defiant Peace

The Weary World Rejoices

Matt HammettDecember 5, 2021Peace Sermon Details  

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I have sensed a clear invitation from the Lord the past few years to trust Him to produce the fruit of patience and peace in my life. Practically, this means that I have sought to become less hurried and reactive in my life and leadership. I desire to become a more calm and peace-filled person. Candidly, the results have been mixed. There are times when I am stressed and I react in unhealthy ways. I have grown this muscle but there is still more soul work to do. I am encouraged to know that each of us can learn to allow the peace of Christ to rule in our hearts as we navigate the very real challenges of life. We can experience a depth of peace that comes from God's Presence with us that transcends our circumstances. In fact, this season of Advent is an incredible opportunity to express our longings, learn to wait on God and trust His good work in us even as or especially as we wait!

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