Divine Disruption

This Fall we've been having a conversation about the Gospel. We have wrestled with questions like, What is the Gospel? What are some of the most common and incomplete versions of it in the Church today? And how do we live and share the gospel in this cultural moment? The gospel is the good news of the kingdom of God. It is centered on the Lordship of Jesus. The gospel can be summarized as the good news that Jesus is King (messiah) and Lord. This means that no one or nothing else is! This extraordinary claim is confrontational, disruptive and life-changing. It challenges our tendency to be self-centered and to trust other things as Lord of our lives. In the Roman Empire it was essential that you recognized and paid tribute to Caesar as Lord. So when early followers of Jesus announced Jesus is Lord people understood they were saying Caesar is not. This was disruptive to say the least! Acts 19 records one of the stark examples in the early church where this came to a head during Paul's ministry in the great city of Ephesus. What are the lessons we need to learn about courageously engaging with our culture today?

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