January 9, 2022 | "Rule of Life"

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How do you feel about rules? Do you tend to be a rule follower or a rule breaker? So often when people hear the phrase "rule of life" they have resistance to the idea of rules. But a "rule of life" is not about "shoulds" or "oughts". It is about us choosing to be intentional in the way we live as followers of Jesus. Pastor Rich Villodas defines a "Rule of Life" as a structure or a rhythm that enables us to pay attention to God in everything we do. In other words, a "Rule of Life" is a set of practices and relational rhythms that create space for us to be with Jesus, to become like Jesus, and to do what Jesus would do if He were us. The reality is we all have a "rule of life" so what is your current pattern of life producing? Is it helping you to move toward God and others? Is it growing your capacity to love well? And what changes do you sense the Lord inviting you to make?

As we begin a new year together, it is important to prayerfully consider the rhythms and practices we need to stay rooted in the love of God during this challenging season.

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