Rule of Life: Digital Distraction

Rule of Life: Rhythms That Move Us Toward God and Others

Matt HammettJanuary 30, 2022Rule of Life Sermon Details  

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How much time do you spend on your phone each day?1 hour? 3 hours? 5 hours? More? Take a guess and then check your phone! Was it more or less time than you expected? Our phones have become an extension of us and consume a lot of our time and attention. The Barna Group asked teenagers, “If you could change one thing in your relationship with your parents what would it be? The most common answer: "I wish my parents would spend less time on their phones and more time talking to me."

As we continue our conversation about developing healthy rhythms of life that draw us closer to God and each other, it is important to reflect on how our interaction with technology is impacting us and those we love. How do we develop a healthy digital rule of life? How do we help our kids navigate the opportunities and challenges of this digital age? These questions are personally challenging and convicting for me. I also recognize technology can be a great tool. For example, I appreciate how being able to stream our worship gatherings online has expanded our ministry reach. I love that my dad is able to join us each Sunday from the Bay Area! And yet, our glowing rectangles can also pose some of the biggest barriers to our life in Christ and have the potential of sabotaging our best intentions of pursuing the way of Jesus. I look forward to sharing important biblical principles that can help us think about this important topic together!

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