Rule of Life: Good Work

Rule of Life: Rhythms That Move Us Toward God and Others

Matt HammettFebruary 6, 2022Rule of Life Sermon Details  

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One of the biggest workplace trends of 2021 was The Great Resignation. Research conducted across industries in Australia, Canada, Singapore, The United Kingdom and the United States reveal that employees are leaving their jobs at record rates and many cite a lack of connection to the organization as a primary reason. Many people feel increased burnout, grief, and exhaustion. We are seeing a labor shortage in many industries. We tend to fall into one of two extremes in our view of work. Many see work as a necessary evil, as simply a means to other ends while others approach work as the end all and be all of life. Work as ultimate. We tend to look to our jobs as the primary source of our identity believing the lie that we are what we do.

How do we respond to the seismic cultural shifts towards work as followers of Jesus? How does our faith in Christ inform our views and approaches to work? How do you personally feel about your current job? And what does a healthy rhythm of work consist of?

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