Rule of Life: People With Rhythm

Rule of Life: Rhythms That Move Us Toward God and Others

Panel DiscussionFebruary 27, 2022Rule of Life Sermon Details  

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We have been asking all year, do you have rhythm? You may not think so but you do! I can't speak to your rhythm or lack thereof on a dance floor but all of us have a rhythm of life! So, do your current rhythms keep you anchored in the love of Christ? Are they producing good fruit? That is the goal we are going after! We are intentional about cultivating healthy patterns and practices that serve as a framework for our freedom in Christ! It is not about mastering  spiritual disciplines but honestly wrestling with what is means to faithfully follow Jesus in the midst of the pressures and challenges of life! There are four dimensions of rhythms that are essential to develop. We want to learn to move upward in Prayer to God, Inward in RestWithward in Relationships and Outward in Work and Mission. 

We will wrap our Rhythm of Life series by exploring Paul's powerful exhortation in Romans 12:1-2 and by hearing real life examples of people with rhythm!

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