Rule of Life: The Way We Work

Rule of Life: Rhythms That Move Us Toward God and Others

Matt HammettFebruary 13, 2022Rule of Life, work, Vocation Sermon Details  

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When we discover and grasp how our faith informs our perspective on our calling and work, it is nothing short of revolutionary. It will profoundly shape how we see the world and our place within it! It is paradigm shifting to recognize that regardless of our occupations we are all called into full-time ministry. You are called into full-time ministry and you may work as an accountant, barista, student, parent or engineer. I appreciate how marketplace theologian Dr. Paul Stevens defines work as "any purposeful expenditure of energy-whether manual, mental, or both, whether paid or not."

From this definition, we all work. Whether we are changing a diaper or a flat tire, whether we are making a bed or a presentation, whether we are fixing a meal or a broken bone it is all work we are called to do. So how do we faithfully fulfill our calling to do good work? And what is God's invitation to us regarding our current work rhythms?

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