Walk Humbly

Act Justly. Love Mercy. Walk Humbly.

Matt HammettJanuary 22, 2023 Sermon Details  

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Have you ever taken a GOON walk? My good friend Ted and I have known each other since middle school. We were college roommates and the best man at each other's weddings. Ted shared with me a few months ago how much he enjoyed working for my dad for three summers while we were in college. He appreciated my dad's humility, sense of humor and desire to grow in his relationship with God. My dad was 50 when he decided to follow Jesus. At work, he supervised a team of electricians. He held regular morning meetings with his team and would often share Scripture and how the Lord was changing his life. He consistently expressed his desire to become a better husband, father and friend. He let his co-workers know the specific steps he was taking toward those goals. He posted those goals and practices on the shop office bulletin board above his desk. One morning Ted walked into the shop and noticed my dad's written list for personal and spiritual growth. One practice in particular stood out to him, It read, "Goon walks with Cydney (my mom)." Ted cracked up and asked my dad, "Mr. Hammett, what in the world is a GOON walk?!!" My dad laughed and replied, "It doesn't say GOON walk. It says, Go on walks with Cydney!" I was encouraged to learn that Ted has carried on my dad's simple practice with his wife, Nicki as they regularly take GOON walks together! So do Roxanne and I. I believe walking is the most under appreciated spiritual practice. Why is walking such a rich spiritual practice? Why is it one of the main metaphors in the Bible to describe our relationship with God? And what does the prophet Micah mean when he writes that God wants us to "walk humbly with him?"

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