You Are Here: The Inner Journey

You Are Here: Trials and Triumphs on the Journey of Faith

Linsey WildeyApril 10, 2022Inner Journey Sermon Details  

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When was the last time you felt lost or disoriented? Last October our family went to Washington D.C., and as soon as we got to the Metro Station to figure out how to get to our destination, the disorientation set in. Where do we get a ticket? How much does it cost? What train line do we get on? Disorientation led to stress which then led to a little panic. Ever been there before? Similarly, the landscapes of our spiritual journey can be new and disorienting to us. Identifying where our pin is on the spiritual map can help orient us to what is and open us up to the possibilities in our spiritual growth with God. It was fourteen years ago after hitting a wall (see last week’s message), that I unknowingly stumbled into the phase of the spiritual life called the Inner Journey. The Inner Journey might sound vague or even a little “woo-woo” to you. I understand. There is a lot of God-mystery to it! However, I think there are some distinctives of the Inner Journey that can help orient and settle us in for the ride. Best of all, this phase is the birthplace of greater trust, transformation, hope, and healing.

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