Immersing yourself in the life of Jesus!

Baptism is one of the fullest and richest expressions of the Christian faith, symbolically joining all Christ-followers from the past, present and future together. Jesus was baptized, signifying membership in God’s family. This is important as it conveys that we are not only free from the guilt of sin, but that we have also entered into a new relationship as adopted children of God. At Flood, we practice believers baptism by immersion and encourage all who have made a choice to follow Jesus to follow His example and get baptized! Baptism as a symbol doesn’t save anyone, nor does it earn any points with God. It is, however, a celebration of which the whole Kingdom of God partakes. Baptism is an outward symbol of the transformation that has already taken place inside of you.

Our Next Baptism

Sunday, April 30, 10am
Flood Church

Our Next Baptism Class
Sunday, April 2, 11:45 am
Flood Cafe

Baptism Introduction (online doc)
Baptism Resource for Parents download

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