Bury the Hatchet: From Harm to Harmony With Those Around Us

Reconciliation Through the Transforming Power of Prayer

Scott Wildey & Jocelyn WatkinsMay 26, 2024reconciliation Sermon Details  

One of my favorite musicians is pianist and composer, Thelonius Monk. I listen to jazz while I work, and Monk is a staple. Jazz is remarkable because it's mostly improvisational. Sure, there are some rules, like the musicians being in the same key, but Jazz players like Monk will often share that they 'feel' the music as much as they play it—as if the music is flowing in and through them. But, it's not automatic. Monk once quipped when asked about his playing, "Simple ain't easy." What seems simple to us took decades of practice building muscle memory for Monk.

Living life like Jesus, empowered and guided by God’s Spirit, is the same way. It's less about trying to live, and more like experiencing the love of God flow in and through us over time—which is essentially what Jesus prays for us in John 17. But, as experience has shown us, this is not automatic. It may seem simple, but "simple ain't easy." The good news is that we can grow into a life that harmonizes with God's love. Paul even says that we are to be instruments (2 Corinthians 5:17, "ambassadors") of God's reconciliation.

So, how then do we train so that the music of God's love will flow in and through us like jazz? We’ll be discussing this on Sunday as we continue our series, Bury the Hatchet. Please join Jocelyn Watkins and I as we have a conversation about Reconciliation Through the Transforming Power of Prayer. Jocelyn is a dynamic leader in our community and has been a compelling example to me in re-vitalizing prayer by joining God’s movement. Though prayer can seem passive, ominous, or even cliche, it can become the beat of our lives as we join God’s music of reconciliation. Or as Thelonius Monk also said, "The loudest noise in the world is silence.”

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