Staffing Update - Executive Pastor

February 13, 2023

Church Family,

I wanted to share an update regarding one of our pastors. After nearly 20 years of serving our church family, Pastor Adam Klekowski has resigned from his role as Executive Pastor. While he, Corrie and their three children will remain members of our community, Adam feels called to a new season of life as he seeks a leadership position outside of the church and adjusts to a recent promotion Corrie received at her law firm. While we are sad for this loss, we are grateful for his service.

I met Adam when he was a college student at UC San Diego and have appreciated the different ways he has served our congregation over the years. From college ministry to our work in Malawi to outreach events and our recent HOME Campaign, Adam has provided meaningful leadership. While I am grateful he will still be in our community, I will miss the pastoral ministry he has provided. 

Adam is committed to a healthy transition, and our church leadership teams are discerning next steps regarding future staffing needs. We will share those as they arise.

We will be holding a reception to thank Adam and his service to our community on Sunday, March 19th and hope you can join us!


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me or Pastor Adam.


In Christ,

Pastor Matt

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