Follow the Leader: Becoming Like Jesus for the Sake of Others

How Do You Picture God?

Matt HammettSeptember 17, 2023 Sermon Details  

What really comes to mind when you think about God? How would you complete this sentence, God is the kind of being who... Our thoughts about God profoundly shape and influence who we are and how we live. Dallas Willard wrote, "The single most important thing about us is our idea of God and its associated images." Whether you agree with Dallas that our ideas about God are the most important thing about us, we can agree that our view of God is significant. We can give correct answers about who God is and yet have a gap between what we say we believe about God and our default images of God. Some of these distorted pictures of God are unconscious and lie beneath the surface in our lives. This week, we will explore common unhealthy images of God and contrast those with the God we see revealed in Jesus. We will explore the question, "What is Your Picture of God?" by looking at Jesus' interaction with the disciples in John 14:5-12.

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