Anti Human Trafficking: Local Team


DESCRIPTION: This team seeks to promote awareness of human trafficking and tangibly serve survivors through supporting Generate Hope, a local non-profit serving survivors of trafficking.

HOW TO GET INVOLVED: Contact the email address provided below to get on the email list for this team. Opportunities will get sent each quarter by our team leaders. Those opportunities may include providing dinners to survivors, local service projects for Generate Hope, educational opportunities, awareness events, how to participate in our church's annual Giving Tree, and more.

CURRENT OPPORTUNITY: Our team has recently become aware of a housing need for an upcoming graduate of Generate Hope's transition program who is in need of a quiet place to rent with her own room, bathroom and parking space. She works full time and is also working on her masters degree. A Flood member who has been volunteering at Generate Hope knows her well and is committed to ensuring the match is a good fit for both parties. If you or someone you know might be interested in meeting this housing need, please contact the team to learn more.

CONTACT: For more information, or to be added to the email list, contact the Anti Human Trafficking Team

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