Coed Group (20s - 40s)

When: Tuesday, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


LEADERS: Rose and Jenn are both young professionals and both are married. Rose is a psychology professor and Jenn is a recruiter. Our group is made up mostly of adults who have been out of college for a while, including some who are married and some who are unmarried. Our group has outdoorsy people, people who like cats, and people who love to welcome new folks to our group.

THEME: Galatians and James

DESCRIPTION: We will be reading and discussing Galatians and James, exploring big ideas of faith, grace, and works. We will also provide opportunities to serve Bridge of Hope with Flood's Refugee Team, providing tangible support to refugees and families in transition here in San Diego.

DATES: Tuesdays, 7pm, 1/17- 5/20

LOCATION: Flood Church (2nd Floor)

CONTACT: Rose Lorona .

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